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Eye of God

Eye of God (EOG) is an old corporation in Eve, having been formed a few months after Eve went retail. The original members of EOG previously played together in the space-based MMOG Mankind.

EOG has been part of much of the rich history of Eve. We were part of the Ascendant Frontier (ASCN) alliance when it formed, and later in the Axiom Empire (AXE) alliance that inhabited the Impass region of 0.0. The industrial might of EOG built three of the first outposts of Eve in a constellation of Impass (before CCP implemented the concept of constellation sovereignty).

EOG was also in the drone regions for several years as part of the X-PACT, OXIDE, and Intrepid Crossing alliances.

After the drone regions, EOG joined the Wildly Inappropriate (WI.) alliance which inhabited most of the Geminate region, the Systematic Chaos alliance in the Esoteria region, and the Black Star Alliance in the Fountain region.

At EOG we have trimmed our membership number so that we do not appear to be bigger than we are. We are actively recruiting and we continually attract previous members who have looked around Eve and concluded that there is nothing better than EOG. We do have some casual players in EOG, but for the most part we are a group of high skill point members who have been together for a long time and have done most everything that Eve has to offer.

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